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We have been holding various events such as Japanese cultural performances, exhibitions and workshops overseas. We belive that getting to know each other throgh events is important for laying the foundation for the world peace.

 If you are interesting in a Japanese cultural event in your country, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you organize a meaningful event!

Past holding events by Welink

  • 2013 Kimono Show in Monaco
  • 2014 Kimono Show in Lausanne
  • 2015 Kimono Exhibition in Bierra
  • 2015 Koto & Shamisen Concert in Croatia & Slovenia
  • 2015 Taisho Koto Concert in Bali
  • 2016 Brugge Japan Day
  • 2016 Turin & Genova Japan Day
  • 2017 Kimono Show in San Francisco
  • 2017 Odense Japan Day
  • 2017 Kimono Show in Rome & Montecatini
  • 2018 Beethorven's 9th Concert in Zagreb
  • 2018 Toledo Japan Day
  • 2019 Koto and Shamisen Concert in Budapest & Vienna
  • 2019 Linz Japan Day
  • 2019 Kimono Show in Budapest
  • 2019 Shakuhachi concert in Budapest

Company Profile

Company   World Event Link Co.,Ltd
Founded   14 February, 2013

  602A, 2-5-14, Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku

  Osaka, 541-0046 Japan

TEL   06-6226-8750
FAX   06-6226-8751
Registration   Registered Travel Agency No. 3-2655

  10 million Yen (10,000,000

Representative   Naohiro Hamada, Presindet
URL   http://www.worldevent-link.com/
Mail   info@we-link.co.jp